When you enroll into a membership or a training plan, we’ll meet your expectations and value your goals by matching you with services that best fits your needs. Our goal is to provide you the means of getting into the best shape through our group and personal training sessions, running training plans individualized to help you crush PRs, and reach that next performance level injury-free.

We offer top-notch strength, yoga, and promote prehabilitation/ rehabilitation routines to make you stronger and resilient against injuries. We know a thing or two about setbacks in training due to an injury, because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Our training exercises and programs are tested using the proven training ideologies. We will never prescribe you workouts or exercises that we couldn’t nor wouldn't do ourselves. Just like you, we have fitness goals of our own that we intend on accomplishing. Our goal is to elevate everyone's confidence and be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy to conquer goals.

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During your free consultation, we assess your training needs by using our Training Level Criteria and the questionnaires provided below. Answering all the questions in our questionnaires will help us identify the proper training method specifically suitable for you. Click on the Personal Training Button for our Personal/ Group Training option. Click on the button for our Running Plans.

We’ll never offer you a cookie cutter training program, because we believe that there’s not one absolute program that’ll work for everyone. As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome”. As for us, it’s the best paved road that gets you there safe and sound. We understand that each individual has their own particular needs when it come to training; the training that works and what necessarily doesn’t work; or what aspects needs to be evaluated and adjusted. We’ll help you travel down that best training road, safely and efficiently.

Our training outline is differentiated between established criteria levels to give you a generalized idea of what to expect to see in your individualized training plans. We offer face-to-face, phone calls, emails, and video chat interviews to cover the important questions to help us identify your specific training needs. If you're initially placed at a particular training level, that doesn't mean you'll stay there. There are opportunities of moving up in training levels based on response to training and race performances. 

Our training provides versatility and variety; we feel it’s the utmost importance to keep the body guessing leading it to adjust and adapt to the training stimulus. The point of training is to embarrass the body just enough where it needs to become stronger and resilient. We don’t like prescribing the same monotonous workouts week in and week out. We’re out-of-the-box thinkers creating unique workouts to trigger certain responses to training, to make you faster and stronger. 


By clicking on either button you’ll be navigated to our questionnaires where you’ll be prompted answer questions. This helps us get to know you and to make sure that we provide you safe and sufficient training. Your answers will be used as our reference during the free consultation appointment. 

If you have 10 minutes to spare, please feel free to complete our questionnaires. 



Level 1  

This is considered for Beginner level runners. This design is for people who are interested in picking up a new lifestyle and aspire to complete a race or an event. I say lifestyle because once your body adjusts to running and experience that runner’s high, it transforms you into a new you. You feel general greatness, energized at home and at work. This level is also created for those who are coming back from extended hiatus. ​

  • Training Age: < 2 years

  • Running 3-4x per week + strength

  • 12-25 miles per week (MPW) or  2.5 to 4 hours per week

  • 1 workout session per week

  • 1 long run per week 

Level 2  

This level is designed for people who are considered Intermediate level athletes. Mostly for people who have general training knowledge, and are familiar with general training expectations. It’s recommended for people who have some athletic background; taken some hiatus from running; or inconsistent with maintaining a steady training schedule. Definitely for those willing to improve their current race times, move up in age group finishing places, and continue making fitness gains.  ​

  • Training Age: 3-4 years

  • Running 4-5x per week + strength

  • 20-30 MPW  or  3.5 to 5 hours per week

  • 1-2 workout sessions per week

  • 1 long run per week

Level 3

This category meant for serious competitive runners considered as Semi-Advanced training level athletes. It’s suggested for those having experience competing at the high school, collegiate, and/ or USATF certified club level. 

*If you feel this level is for you, then feel free to visit Streak Racer Club page.*

  • Training Age: 6-7 years

  • Running 5-6 days per week + doubles + periodized strength routine

  • MPW is assessed and determined based on training background, current training status, and event demands.

  • Up to 2 workouts per week

  • 1 long run + possible 1 moderate long run per week (depending on the event) 

Level 4

This level is not for the faint of heart. This is strictly for Advanced level athletes who take training seriously and are training at the semi and professional level. For those who are willing to qualify for Olympic Trails, Championship events, and top finishes at major events. It’s required if athletes choose this option that they haven’t taken any time off from training and competition. 

*If you feel this level is for you, then feel free to visit Streak Racer Club page.*

  • Training Age: > 8 years

  • Running 7 days per week + doubles + periodized strength routine

    MPW is assessed and determined based on training background, current training status, and event demands.

  • Up to 2 workouts per week

  • 1 long run + possible 1 moderate long run per week (depending on the event)


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